DIT Office

Hardi Sabah M. Shamil
Post: Director of Information Technology and Statistic Directorate
Qualification: MSc. in Software Engineering 
e-mail: hardi.sabah@charmouniversity.org
Mobile number: (+964) - 770-130-1999
Academic Profile link Hardi Sabah M. Shamil
Number of Publication with IF (ISI):


Name: Ramzy Baiz Omer
Qualification: High Diploma in Statistics and Information 
e-mail: ramzy.baiz@charmouniversity.org
Mobile number: (+964) - 773-699-3534
Employee Title: Statistics

Rabar Zyad Abdullah
 Qualification: Bachelor in English language  
 Employee Title: Assistant Researcher
 e-mail: rabar.zyad@charmouniversity.org
 Mobile number: (+964) - 770-359-7000


Name: Jwan Qahraman
Qualification: Diploma in Computer Systems Technology  
Employee Title: ‌Head Of Technical Observer
e-mail: jwan.qahraman@charmouniversity.org
Mobile number: (+964) - 770-138-3954



    Name: Amanj Ibrahim Abdullah Qadir
    Qualification: Bachelor in Statistics
    Employee Title: ‌Assistant Statistics
    e-mail: amanj.ibrahim@charmouniversity.org
    Mobile number: (+964) - 770-157-6072

Name: Hasib Wahab Umer
Qualification: Diploma in Computer Systems Technology
Employee Title: Technical Observer
e-mail: hasib.wahab@charmouniversity.org
Mobile number: (+964) - 772-543-1533

Kwestan Ahmed Mahmood
Qualification: Diploma in Computer Systems Technology  
e-mail: kwestan.ahmad@charmouniversity.org
Mobile number: (+964) - 750-219-3376

Name: Hemn Rahim Muhammed
Qualification: Diploma in Computer Systems Technology  
Employee Title: Assistant Technical Observer 
e-mail: hemn.rahem@charmouniversity.org
Mobile number: (+964) - 770-194-1849



Nasrin Fakhraddin Fayaq
    Qualification: Bachelor in Arabic language
    Employee Title: ‌Researcher
    e-mail: nasrin.fakhraddin@charmouniversity.org
    Mobile number: (+964) - 751-167-1179




Phone No.: (+964)