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The Alternative Keyboard

The IT Management Unit at Koya University has created a UNICODE keyboard which has the same layout as your old non-UNICODE keyboard (Ali-font system). This will not change your working style regime. Please note that all ALI-FONTS should be removed from your computer to get the best result. You will be able to use any Windows based fonts to write in Kurdish and Arabic.

Please download the attached file below and follow the instruction to install your new UNICODE keyboard.
  1. Remove your Ali-System Keyboard
  • Go to Control panel on your Windows
  • Go to FONTS folder
  • Find all Ali-Fonts and delete them
  1. Download the latest version Mid-Kurdish UNICODE Keyboard attached to this page
  2. Extract the zip-file
  3. Right Click on the file setup.exe to run as administrator
  4. Follow the instruction on the screen, 
  5. Now there is a UNICODE keyboard on your system, if you check the list of keyboards you will see (AR Arabic U.E.A) keyboard which is your new UNICODE keyboard
  6. Although you will not need any extra fonts on you system to be able to write in Kurdish (Arabic letters), but you are still able to download 40 different fonts for writing Kurdish (Arabic letters). Please click here.
To write with your new UNICODE keyboard you can just open a Word Document, activate your new UNICODE Keyboard and write, You may choose any font you want.
For more information, kindly click here.
Charmo University :: زانكۆی چەرموو,
Jan 25, 2016, 9:00 AM